Why Dial a Taxi?

by | Apr 10, 2012 | Car Rentals

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California is blessed with a number of scenic wonders and a bustling arts and culture scene. Home to Hollywood – the movie capital of the world, this state offers a bonanza of experiences for both the tourist and the business traveler. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the main cities in the state. Aside from the numerous business prospects, the state also offers warm sandy beaches, coastal mountains, Redwood forests and a vast blue bay. When in the city of Los Angeles, you can expect the best luxury and economy hotels, advanced transportation system consisting of coaches, interstate trains, and private taxi services.

When visiting for a short duration or passing through the city or its neighboring towns, renting a vehicle does not make sense as you have to find parking, insurance and make other arrangements. Hiring a taxi can offer more freedom, comfort and curb to curb services. If you are traveling with family and senior citizens, hiring a taxi can offer a whole lot of peace of mind. Seniors can avail special discounts on fares. Many cab companies offer up to 10% senior discounts for passengers aged 65 years and above. Cab drivers can ask for ID to verify age.

Requesting a taxi is easier than ever before. Most service providers have installed state of the art technologies to provide the most efficient service to their passengers. Passengers can book their transport and vehicle using online reservation facilities, via sms text message or by phone. The computerized dispatch system uses GPS technology to locate a taxi cab in the nearest vicinity and send it to you. This ensures the quickest response time and no delays. The cabs are well maintained, and are driven by dependable and well trained professionals who have undergone a number of rigorous training courses in defensive driving and safety. The cab companies only employ drivers who have been carefully pre-screened. The cabbies also undergo random drug testing to ensure that your driver is drug and alcohol free while on the job.

Taxi services are most useful for airport pickups and drop-offs. Airports are busy areas and finding parking for your vehicle can be a nightmare. The airport terminal parking is often booked many weeks in advance or can be exorbitantly expensive. Private parking near major airports is very far off from the terminal and you would be required to take shuttle services to reach the terminal. To avoid all the hassle, it’s often better to opt for hiring a taxi. Torrance residents can find local operators in the area offering premium services to passengers.

Taxi Torrance – If you’re looking for a taxi, Torrance residents can rely on South Bay Yellow Cab for prompt and reliable services. Call 1-800-924-TAXI.

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