BVI Villas Are a Home-Like Stay

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Vacations Rentals

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BVI villas are a great way for vacationers to enjoy the comfort and privacy of a home environment while on vacation in the Virgin Islands. With many to choose from and the ability to have a villa customized to each vacationers’ needs and wants, it is definitely the way to go. Whether your concern is price, location or something else, there is a villa to meet your needs. Keep reading to find out why so many vacations are satisfied with villas.

Beautiful Locations

While all of the Virgin Islands are beautiful, vacationers gravitate more to staying somewhere with memorable views. A beachfront location on pure white beaches along crystal blue waters is every vacationers’ dream come true. From sunrise to sunset the views are breathtaking. The photography vacationers can capture are irreplaceable. Villas are carefully placed in the most beautiful locations to meet the desires of vacationers visiting the islands.

More Personal Than a Hotel

Hotels are fine to stay at for a night or two, but most vacationers to the Virgin Islands are looking for at least a week long stay. Being cramped in a single hotel room for that long isn’t fun. A villa provides more space that is personalized with comfort and privacy of a home-like environment. With a full staff ready to assist their vacationers, BVI villas will make your vacation a breeze.

More Value for the Price

Hotels and villas can sometimes compare in price, but they can’t compare in value. Villas come filled with every amenity vacationers could want or need. Each villa is also fully customizable for vacationers’ wants and needs. The full staff takes the stress away and takes care of things you may not want to do, like dishes, laundry and bed-making.

Nearby Entertainment

While vacationers come to the islands for rest and relaxation, they are also looking for a good time. Some light entertainment is a must while visiting. Luckily, villas are placed in locations that aren’t far from entertainment for vacationers to enjoy. There are jeeps available for rent among the islands to help vacationers get around.

BVI villas are available and ready to meet the needs of any vacationer. With beautiful locations, personalized interiors, valuable pricing and nearby entertainment, the villas are the way to go. Villas usually have weekly and monthly rates to help vacationers plan their vacation to meet their timeframe. Don’t sell yourself short with less than you deserve, try a villa for your next stay in the Virgin Islands.

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