What To Pack For 7 Days Luxury Charters To USVI & BVI

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Travel

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Having an idea of what to pack for one of the amazing 7 days luxury charters in the USVI & BVI is important, as you want to have everything you need to take full advantage of all the activities, events and sightseeing opportunities in this tropical paradise.

The United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, more commonly referred to as the USVI and the BVI, have year-round warm weather, and even the low seventies is considered a very cold day in this part of the world. Typical average yearly temperature is just about 88 degrees, with the months of June to through to late September being the hottest. This is also the time when there is the most rain, but storms tend to be short in duration with the highest average rainfall, at just over 5 inches a month, from September through November.

This means you won’t have to pack any heavy clothing, and just a light rain jacket is typically all you will require. Things tend to be fairly casual on the islands, but there are more upscale restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues where you will want to have something a bit dressier to wear.

On the Yacht
On the yacht, you are really in your own private world when you are one of the 7 days luxury charters in the USVI & BVI. This means you can dress casual and comfortable to lounge around on the deck or enjoy onboard meals and activities.

On the boat, most people will find that shorts and t-shirts or swimwear are the preferred style of dress. Your yacht will typically include various items to enjoy swimming and lounging around on deck and in the crystal clear waters around where the yacht is anchored. Some of the items you can expect include sun pads for lounging, paddle boats, water loungers and, of course, comfortable deck chairs.

Parents with children may want to enquire if the items on the yacht are suitable and safe for children, or plan to bring water toys and equipment for the kids to enjoy. Remember you will have lots of opportunities to go onshore and swim from the beach as well, which may be much more comfortable for parents of younger children.

Generally meals on the yacht are also very casual, but that will depend on your specific party or group and what they prefer. If you are on the charter for an anniversary, honeymoon or other special events, you may want to designate a more formal evening to enjoy a special dinner and night watching the Caribbean sunset.

It is generally recommended to wear non-marking athletic shoes, boat shoes, sandals or flip-flops on board. Hard soled dress shoes are typically not allowed on deck, just be sure to ask your captain or crew if you aren’t sure.

On Shore
You will find that during your 7 days luxury charters in the USVI & BVI you will be docking at a variety of different locations, and you will have access to a range of different places to see and tour.

This is a very casual part of the world, and on the bars and restaurants right on the beach most people will just stroll up from the beach. T-shirts and shorts, bathing suits with sundresses or beach covers are all popular items and allow you just to relax and have fun.

Even though this is a tropical location, in cities and towns a beach cover up and a t-shirt and shorts for men is a must. Shorts and shirts or sundress are fine for virtually all events and locations, but if doubt you can simply call ahead.

You will find that there is a good selection of clothing stores throughout the islands, with lots of handcrafted and local clothing items as well as the brands and styles you recognize from home. Keep in mind in the USVI you will use American currency and there is no duty or exchange rate issues to have to worry about.

There are many hiking trails throughout the USVI & BVI, including some climbs to lookout areas on different islands that provide spectacular panoramic views. If you are going to enjoy these trails, it is a good idea to bring hiking shoes or boots or at least a good pair of athletic shoes. While you can do the trails with hiking sandals, you may find it difficult for some of the more adventurous trails and treks.

Important and Essential Items
It is important to make sure you have both a passport as well as identification with you. This is critical if you want to go between the BVI and the USVI, and this is a change since years ago when just a birth certificate and a driver’s license would do.

Pictures will be a must, so be sure to bring a camera and lots of film or an additional memory card. While you can find these things on the islands, it is always the best option to make sure you have them with you. Also, don’t forget your chargers; they will work on the yacht as you will find the same type of outlets and current as you have in your home.

The islands do have pharmacies, grocery stores and convenience stores if you forget an item or want to pick up snacks, food or personal items you may have forgotten to pack. If you require prescription medications, bring them with you as it may take longer to fill specialized prescriptions on the islands than you may be used to at home.

You will want to have lots of sunscreen and do bring lighter longer sleeved shirts and hats to wear in the heat of the day. Of course, if you are on the yacht or on shore you can take advantage of the shade of a palm tree or take a hike through the national parks to stay in the cool and the shade during the hottest part of the day.

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