Create a lifetime of memories in the British Virgin Islands

If visiting a topical Caribbean island has always been your dream, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. However, you would need to consider exactly what it is youre looking for. Perhaps your dream holiday is all about having a wildly exciting social life, meeting many other tourists and having access to exactly the same foods that youre able to eat at home.

For many, this is exactly what they want for others, this is the opposite of a dream holiday. They want to find a place that isnt over-run by foreigners; a place where they can feel as though time has stood still and theyre able to experience a completely different, quieter style of island life. If you are one of the latter people, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are definitely the place for you. Just as beautiful as any other Caribbean island, this is still the type of place where its all about truly restoring your soul, while having a unique experience of fitting in with the rhythms of island life as if you belonged.

Slowing down the pace in Tortola

Tortola, the island capital, is small in size, but its exquisitely beautiful and there is plenty to do, at the kind of pace where youll find it impossible not to relax. For example, the islanders will present you with the analogy of the big clock in Road Town, where the time presented is almost always wrong. This is a place where time doesnt matter, and where you eat when youre hungry and relax when youre tired. For people who are driven by fast-paced agendas and who are constantly trying to pack more activities into 24 hours, this type of approach will be manna from heaven!

Where would you stay in the BVI?

Although this isnt the most overcrowded of tourist spots, there is still a wide range of accommodation available, and at a variety of prices to suit any budget. Many of the villas can be found at the top of the numerous forested hills on the island. The beauty of these hills, connected by roads, is that you can find a tucked-away place that will give you total privacy if this is what you want. In other areas, there are villas built together in close proximity to each other, so you would choose according to the type of holiday youd want.

If you have a Robinson Crusoe wish, you can seclude yourself to the point that youd believe you owned this tropical island. Fortunately, there are wonderful markets that you can pop into to stock up on local produce some of which are organically grown and can then retire back to your tropical eyrie in the hills. These villas offer sweeping views over the island, including the azure blue sea that stretches to the horizon. Even though you may choose to take a villa in the hills that will be cooled by the constant gentle breezes you will easily be able to access the numerous beaches if you hire transport, or arrange to be picked up in an open-air jitney.

The British Virgin Islands are the perfect Caribbean escape. Greenbank Estate Villas has a wide range of BVI villa rentals available and would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect accommodations.

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