Are Direct Flights to Sri Lanka the Best Way to Travel?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Travel Agency

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Travelling to Sri Lanka is on many people’s bucket lists. It is a country filled with delights and deserving of a week or two to see as many as possible.

However, we want to arrive feeling as fresh as possible. Jet lag can ruin the first few days of any break after a long flight. It is able to disrupt our sleep as we fight to get back to feeling ourselves again.

So, is it best to travel direct to Sri Lanka or to take more than one flight to get there with some break in between them?

Connecting Flights Mean Chances to Explore

If we’re smart, a longer journey comprised of two or more flights from Australia to Sri Lanka can give us the chance to explore another place on the way. A stopover in Singapore or Malaysia would be a good example. It gives us a chance to enjoy a multi-centre holiday that would not have been possible if we’d chosen one of the direct flights to Sri Lanka that are available.

Direct Flights Mean Faster Arrival at Our Destination

With just one flight to worry about, we don’t have the risk of being delayed on each one of two or three connecting flights. Furthermore, flights to Sri Lanka are around nine hours long. Add in the extra time spent sitting around waiting for the next flight if we take the connecting route and we can see that direct flights are often the best way to go.

The type of holiday we want to enjoy will help us decide whether the direct route will play out better than stopping off somewhere along the way. Once we have made that decision, it will be far easier to find the best flights to Sri Lanka for our requirements.

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