5 Helpful Pointers Before You Book a Cruise Down the Nile

by | May 17, 2018 | Tour Agency

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Camel rides and pyramids in a place redolent with sun, dust, and sand make for an exciting trip. Want to go? Here are top tips to know before you book yourself on a cruise down the Nile.

Check your options

Some tour operators offer day trips. Explore those options. These may offer you the chance to visit famous temples that aren’t on the standard tour package. Some may also offer discounts when you book as a group.

Read reviews

Doing your homework is a must. That includes reading reviews about the company and its tours. That should help you figure out if you’ve picked a good bet or not. If there’s something that gets consistently mentioned throughout the reviews—a bad tour operator—that could be a recurring problem. You’ll want to keep that in mind.

Ask everyone

Going for Nile cruises tour packages makes sense when you travel with a group. However, that can come with a few complications. Ask for everyone’s opinion before you decide which tour package to take.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style

Everyone loves to look stylish for their vacation photos. But while stylish is good, being comfortable is better, the Saga says. Be practical when you pack for a trip to Egypt. Leave your heels at home and bring along comfortable footwear. Stock up on clothing made of linen and cotton. That should help you achieve the style and comfort you want.

Bring your meds

Nile cruises can be fun for the entire family. Make sure you pack everyone’s meds along, though. If you or someone in your family requires maintenance medication, then make sure those are in the bag. Add the normal run of drugs you may need for an upset stomach, seasickness or fever in case someone gets sick on board and you should be good to go.

With these pointers, preparing for your holiday in Egypt should be easy.

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