A Brief Guide to Borneo Hotels

by | May 9, 2018 | Travel

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Staying in Borneo means staying on one of the largest, most biodiverse islands in the world. While the scenic opportunities are enough to make an incredible stay, your choice of lodging still plays a major role in the success of your trip.

Given its size and tourism industry, Borneo is home to a variety of hotels and resorts but choosing your Borneo hotels should involve some consideration about how you plan on spending your vacation or trip.

Beachside Resorts

For example, beachside resorts and hotels are excellent for those intending to spend a lot of time on the beach or doing water activities such as boating or swimming. The beachside resorts offer incredible views of the water and range from giant commercial buildings to smaller lodges with more rainforest integration.

Staying on the beach won’t mean missing out on the tropical forestation as most beachside Borneo hotels are located near a part of the forest, potentially allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Nature Lodges

There is also lodging potential that offers a more in-depth look at the surrounding nature, some of which are settled deep within the rainforest and provide a much quieter, cozier experience. These nature-inclusive Borneo hotels take you away from the commercial hotels and beaches and situate you in the forest for a much more peaceful stay with limited guests. Feel free to visit the website for more info about all hotel styles.

Commercial Hotels

There are, of course, multiple commercial and chain hotel options for those interested. Often situated in or near the city, you may also have more opportunities for eating and activity as well. These Borneo hotels are often located along the beach or in a city and while you may not be nestled in the forest or basking in the beach sunlight, you will still have easy access to both.

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