Why This Unique Observation Deck in Downtown Chicago Is a Must-See Trip

by | May 25, 2021 | Travel

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People planning to come to the Chicago area should really look into some of the more out-of-the-way activities and attractions beforehand. Learn why one unique observation deck in downtown Chicago is a must-see trip itinerary stop. The incredible views allows visitors to see 4 states, an impressive and scenic view of the lake and stunning city views not seen anywhere else.

See Downtown Chicago as You’ve Never Before Seen It by Going Up

There is a spectacular observation deck in downtown Chicago that is strategically located high on the 94th floor of the iconic John Hancock Center building. Bring along your camera, because the striking views seen from this perch are nothing short of magnificent. See the gorgeous horizon skyline as the sun rises or sets over the lake waters. These views will make you absolutely speechless. This is a stop that everyone no matter their age, sex or background can enjoy.

Take a Ride on the Exclusive Thrill Attraction Called TILT

Take an amazing ride that takes riders outwards from their sky-rise perch and tilts them on the giant sliding platform they are standing on that moves. The exhilarating feeling of hanging from the top of the city is well worth the time and money. While there, plan to relax and unwind at the Bar 94 where cocktails are available.

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