Why 360 CHICAGO is Part of an Unforgettable Windy City Experience

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Travel

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If you’re visiting the Windy City, an experience you shouldn’t miss is a visit to the 360 CHICAGO Tilt observation deck in Chicago. Here’s why.

An Amazing Experience

To start with, 360 CHICAGO offers fantastic views in every direction from the top of the former Hancock skyscraper. Because Chicago is a flat city surrounded by prairie and lake, you can see for many miles, from Wrigley Field to the north to the suburbs in the south and far beyond.

If that’s not enough, the observation deck actually tilts so that you can look downward! Yes, it’s totally safe. You can also kick back at the world-class Bar 94 where the quality of the drinks and service match the quality of the spectacular views out of the gleaming windows.

In order to offer the total Chicago tourist experience, 360 CHICAGO teams up with local companies to combine a visit with an architecture tour on the ground. Furthermore, you can even get a taste of the 360 CHICAGO experience from home by checking out their breathtaking views virtually. If you like what you see, then head to Chicago itself for the real thing!

With its epic skyline on the shores of Lake Michigan, there is no city quite like Chicago, and an observation deck on one of the downtown skyscrapers is a great place to see it in all of its glory. Simply put, company name is the best tilt observation deck in Chicago. Learn more on their website.

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