The Process of Being Certified to Scuba Diving

People have many different motives for choosing to get certified for scuba diving. Throughout this article, we will look at how certification works and what it entails. Whether you are interested in exploring coral reefs or watching sea life, scuba certification in Maui is an excellent option.

Do I Have to Be Certified?

If you are planning to scuba dive, it is mandatory that you have certification and a license. You can think of it like driving a car. You can’t just jump in and start driving if you don’t have insurance and a license. While this does mean that it’s a process to get started, you will be able to dive in all sorts of interesting environments when all is said and done.

Who Provides Certification?

We’ll be writing this article assuming you are seeking a PADI open water certification. You can also get training from RAID, NAUI, TDI, SSI, and others. The PADI is simply one of the most common certifications to seek, so we chose it to explain things.

How Long Does It Take?

Getting certified isn’t as complicated as it might initially seem. The entire open water course only takes three to four days. The practical section of the exam can be taken in 2.5 days. However, some companies that offer these classes may not offer classes each day which can stretch the length of the certification out.

What is the Cost?

The cost of your program is going to depend upon where you are taking the course. For a scuba certification in Maui, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $600 dollars, which typically includes the rental gear you will need.

Three Part Exam

There are three different parts in the scuba certification. The first part, which relates to the theory of scuba diving, involves learning more about the sport. Your instructor will teach you how to equalize your ears, what gear you need, and how diving affects the human body. This section of certification can be done in a traditional classroom or via online classes.

The second part is practical scuba diving, where you will learn the skills to be an open water driver. You may start in a pool where your instructor will show you the process and help you practice. You may need to have three to four of these before you are ready for part three.

The last part of the certification is open water diving. Your instructor will teach you the skills that apply to this type of diving and take you on a few dives before you show your knowledge on your own.

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