The Fun of Fishing Charters in Naples, FL

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Travel

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The art of fishing is a time-honored practice that once kept the populace fed and healthy long before the ability to mass-produce many different types of meat became possible. Fishing is still an enormous, multibillion dollar industry, and it is a hobby still enjoyed by millions of Americans across the country. In Florida, fishing charters are a great way for individuals, groups, and families to have a great time catching fish of many different sizes and species in a rare moment of peace and relaxation.

Great for Kids

Children love fishing charters in Naples, FL since they get the chance to play with worms, minnows, and other fish bait while getting ready to actually fish. Once you get their little hands out of the bait bucket, you can show them how to bait the hook, set the tackle, and then begin the fun of catching many different types of fish. Children, especially young children, find this process especially fun since they get a great reward of catching a flopping, slimy a new fish.


The bustling nature of life can be difficult to keep up with, but fishing charters from companies such as Extreme Family Fun Spot are a great way to slow down and unwind. You spend upward of 40 hours a week or more working yourself ragged just to provide for yourself and your family. You deserve the chance to take a deep breath, listen to nature, and take your time while you wait for the first tug of a fish on the line.

No Technology

Although fishing rods have certainly become more and more complex over time, you really need a little more than a quality rod, tackle, and line to have some fun out on the water. Without the bright lights, loud noises, and intrusive nature of technology surrounding you, it is possible to finally find some inner peace during your fishing trip.

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