6 Reasons to Book a Lodge Safari

If you are planning to book a safari, you are probably in for a bucket-list excursion. Generally, you have two options when it comes to selecting the right safari for you. First, you might choose to book a traditional safari, where you sleep in tents as part of a multi-day trek across the plains. Alternatively, you might select Tanzania lodge safaris. With these adventures, you typically go out during the day and return to a base lodge during the evenings. While both types of trips can be epic, here are some reasons you might consider booking a lodge safari.

1. Comfortable Beds

If you don’t sleep well, you might not get the most out of your safari. Sleeping in a tent can be hard for even the most avid outdoor adventurer. Thus, if you want access to a comfortable bed, you might consider staying at a lodge.

2. Exquisite Dining

Many modern Tanzanian lodges have chefs and restaurants to rival the finest cafes around the world. Whether you want to sample the local fare or eat something more refined, you will likely have the option at your lodge. Check with your safari outfitter to make sure you have access to the dining options you want while on your excursion.

3. Indoor Plumbing

Those who book Tanzania lodge safaris often do so because of indoor plumbing. If you like taking hot showers and using modern toilet facilities, you will likely appreciate the upgrades available at many lodges.

4. Housekeeping Service

Whether you want clean sheets or clean shirts, you probably don’t have that option if you are sleeping in a rustic tent. If you book a lodge safari, though, you probably do. Instead of trying to pack enough stuff to last you through your entire safari, then, you might choose to stay in a lodge where housekeeping can do your laundry.

5. Pampering

Safaris can be exhausting. After a long day of the hunt, you might want a bit of pampering. Whether that includes a hot tub, massage, facial, or some other treatment, your lodge will likely have you covered. Remember, though; lodges offer different services, so make sure you check with yours to see if your treatment is available.

6. Familiarity

It can be easy to feel discombobulated while on safari. If you are constantly moving camp, you might never have a sense of familiarity. With a lodge safari, of course, you will likely have an opportunity to get to know the staff and other guests.

While both lodge-and non-lodge safaris offer a tremendous experience for adventurers, Tanzania lodge safaris provide some refinements that are lacking in their non-lodge counterparts. If these are important to you, you might consider booking a safari anchored to a lodge. Visit the website essafari.co.ke for more information.

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