Teaching Your Staff to Stay Motivated

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Transportation

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Sometimes you have to look at your team and find ways to keep them motivated. It can be anything from giving them a pep talk to looking at ways to make their lives easier with corporate incentive programs such as bonuses or transportation assistance. Staying focused on team spirit and motivating by example can be very helpful to set the pace and culture for your company as well.

Teach to Erase Negativity
Negativity is much like a disease that can set in and spread throughout the team. Trying to teach staff to be positive by treating them positive management strategies is very important. It is also important to keep your eyes open for negative people and speak to them about the negative effect they are having on the team. You should work with your managers and supervisors and make sure they are not adding to the problem. Teach them the importance of empathy but not to get too caught up in commiserating with staff.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles
Work with your team to encourage healthy choices. Maybe you offer yoga at lunch or walking teams in the morning. Install showers for people who might choose to cycle or walk to work so they can shower and change. Look at corporate incentive programs for eco-friendly transportation options to encourage staff to live “green”.

Help Lessen Lateness and Absenteeism
Many people can get caught up in the daily drive which can be stressful. If walking or cycling is not an option for all employees look for transit options to help them get away from the drudgery of traffic every morning and evening. There are many transit options you may be able to offer them through corporate incentive programs including van and car pools. The beauty of these programs is it often lessens tardiness and absenteeism related to traffic and broken down vehicles while easing up on the stress for staff that no longer has to face traffic everyday.

Keeping staff motivated can be difficult. A huge part of motivation is keeping a positive attitude at work and removing the negativity that comes from an overly aggressive work environment. An open, productive environment that encourages growth, promotion from within and healthy lifestyles is an excellent way to motivate staff.

A corporate incentive program can offer many benefits to both you and your employees. Dart is always happy to discuss your options and set you on the right track. Visit or call 214-979-1111.


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