What Makes for the Ideal Rental Storage Unit?

People often find that renting a storage unit makes life a lot easier. Whether the need is for some sort of short-term storage during a transition to a new home or a means of storing items for a year or more, it pays to look closely at the features and amenities offered by different options for storage in Tacoma. Here are some of the main attributes to consider.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Depending on what kinds of items will be placed in storage, it pays to look closely at climate controlled units. These units are kept at the same basic temperature and humidity level all year long. That means a heat wave in the summer or the most bone-chilling weather in the winter will not have any effect on furnishings and other items found in the storage unit. This is particularly important if the plan is to make use of those items again in the years to come.

Security Measures

Always take the time to find out what sort of security is in place at the facility. The best options for storage in Tacoma include a mix of traditional methods along with the latest in security technology. A fence that is locked at night is a good start. Surveillance cameras mounted at strategic locations around the facility also help. The presence of a guard around the clock is also something that provides customers a measure of comfort. The more comprehensive the security happens to be, the easier it is to feel good about making use of the facility.


Many clients like the idea of using a storage facility that is in a relatively convenient location. This is especially true if the plan is to eventually move the contents of the unit into a new home. Choosing a facility that is located near that new property will make the process of transporting the furnishings and other items to the new place much easier.

It takes more than choosing the first storage company that the client happens to find. Take the time to look for a facility that has the right combination of features, and it will be easy to relax and know that everything is secure and safe.

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