Soothe Your Soul in Breathtaking Belize: You Will Never Want to Leave

One of the Most Luscious Countries On Earth

When you think of Heaven, Belize might come to mind. Complete with everything you’d think of in a tropical paradise–romantic sunsets, sand and surf, rainforests, and more – the absolute beauty defies earthy description. Take the time to explore.

The Resort

We are a part of the family of Ambergris Caye Belize hotels. It is quite common to hear about us being called the most luxurious of all the resorts in Belize. The venue is intimate with just 24 guest suites. There is no shortage of excellent service because of the size of the resort. In fact, more personalized service is available to the relatively low number of guests.

Adventure awaits when you step out of your suite. Perhaps you’d like to tour the Mayan ruins or enjoy a picnic and sample the wares at an outdoor market. If you prefer a little more excitement, you might like to rappel down a waterfall. Have you done that at home lately? Cave tubing or scuba diving is available if that is what your heart desires.

Speaking of your heart–weddings! We are one of the most famous of the Ambergris Caye Belize hotels, has become a favorite spot for destination weddings. Just make an appointment with our wedding planner and you’ll be on your way to a dream life with the one you love.

Your Surroundings

Belize itself is a tropical country in South America. Water sports are popular given the amount of shoreline and waterways running through the jungles. Tour guides await you if that is your wish. You won’t need one to bask in the glow of the gorgeous Belize sunset. Some activities can be reached by air. Our concierge can help decide if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advance in the adventure department.

Take a breath. Admit it. You’re ready for this. We would love to offer you more information about us, visit the website. Hope to see you soon!

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