Four Adventures to Try While Visiting Ambergis Caye in Belize

While visiting Ambergris Caye hotels in Belize, there are many activities to enjoy, or one can relax and do nothing. This island is over 20 miles long, and there are plenty of outdoor and indoor adventures to participate in. Here are four things you can do in this paradise.

  1. Snorkel

Snorkeling is one of the primary businesses in this part of Belize. Fans note that there are four excellent sites to visit. Part of the beauty stems from the crystal blue water and the nearby barrier reef. Many Ambergris Caye hotels will book these expeditions for you.

  1. Fish

Because of the reef, the ocean is teeming with tropical fish. Fishing guides will take you out to hot spots, and the crew will clean and prepare your catch. The reef is only about 20 minutes from shore, and the ocean water is relatively smooth.

  1. Eat

The food in this area is layered with authentic flavors. Foodies will want to explore local favorites. Most establishments serve fresh fish, and you can sit outside and enjoy the views. Some Ambergris Caye hotels have world-class chefs and serve up fine dining.

  1. Drink

This part of the world is known for its tropical fruit, and the island bartenders take advantage of this. Some bars offer live music and dancing until late in the night. The dress code is very relaxed too. The themes run from wild parties to romance. A favorite thing for couples and friends to do is to grab their favorite cocktail and toast the sun setting over the blue waters.

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