Reasons to Love Nairobi

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Travel

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Are you thinking about spending some time in Nairobi? There are tons of reasons to love this dynamic Kenyan city:

The culture. Nairobi’s people are amazing; you’ll sense right away that they are hospitable and eager to welcome outsiders. There are many different religions and ethnicities across Nairobi, so you’re bound to have an eye-opening experience.

The accommodations. You could stay in a normal hotel in the city, but why not look for apartments for rent in Westlands instead? Westlands is an affluent neighborhood that will make the perfect base from which to explore all that the city has to offer.

The wildlife. Nairobi National Park might be the only large wildlife park in the world that it is easy to take a taxi to. Head there to see giraffes, hippos, lions, gazelles, and more. All the amazing creatures will probably make songs from “The Lion King” start to run through your head. Be sure to set aside a whole day to explore the park; it takes about an hour to get from the apartments for rent in Westlands to Nairobi National Park.

The shopping. Want to pick up some souvenirs for the folks back at home? Nairobi has tones of thrift markets where you can find both local and international goods. You might have to buy an extra suitcase just to hold all the treasures you find!

The parks and gardens. As you’re researching Nairobi and looking for apartments to rent in Westlands, you’ll likely discover the names of some parks and gardens you should visit while you’re in the city. Put Uhuru Park and Nairobi Botanical Garden on your list of places to stop and enjoy nature.

Whether you’re going to Nairobi for business or pleasure, you’ll love this city. From the lovely apartments for rent in Westlands to the culture and the shopping, there is something for everyone in this Kenyan gem. To know more visit

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