Caribbean Villas Rentals-Vacation Your Way

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Travel

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Caribbean villas rentals are the perfect way to vacation your own way. Resorts are a great option but not if you do not like structure or if you want privacy. For some people part of the experience that they are looking for is to meet new people at the resorts and have a fully structured experience, they enjoy being told what to do, when to eat and where they will be going. Other people like to vacation on their own terms.

Villas Equal Freedom

Renting a villa can be one of the best choices you make for your next vacation, if you value your privacy and like to make your own rules while you are on vacation than villas are perfect for you. A villa rental means that you:

  • Can prepare your own meals in the full kitchen

  • Swim undisturbed in your own private pool without having to worry about other guests

  • Enjoy the privacy of a beach uncluttered with tourists

  • Enjoy all the amenities of home

People that love to have an authentic experience without having to worry about other guests or being bombarded with “activities”. A villa is an ideal setting to use as your home base as you explore the beautiful Caribbean. You can spend your days walking the sandy beaches, visiting the markets, having lunch in the cafes, then come home to a nicely appointed residence, take a dip in the private pool and enjoy the feeling of being home!

When you plan on visiting the Virgin Islands make sure that you check the options that Greenbank Estate Villas has to offer. Once you take a look at the villas that are available you will not want to settle for any other accommodations during your stay. Make your vacation a time to remember!

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