Four of the Best Things to Do In Cabo

If you are going to visit Cabo anytime in the near future, you’d better be prepared for the time of your life. There are so many things to do in this breathtaking region that you might end up needing more than just a single weekend to explore it all. We here at G-Force Adventures understand how important it is for you and your travel companions to get the most out of your trip, which is why we have insights and access to all the best things to do in Cabo.

1. Enjoy the Bounty of Nature at El Arco

Have you ever been on a glass-bottomed panga? Well, experiencing new and exciting things is what a vacation is all about. We like to spoil our clientele, which is precisely why we here at G-Force Adventures have made it our business to know about all the hot spots in the region. We suggest visiting El Arco’s famous Arch, where you can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other. Flanked by remarkably preserved beaches and majestic rock formations, the southern tip of El Arco – lovingly known as Land’s End – is home to abundant wildlife, as well. Indeed this is one of the best things to do in Cabo, especially for nature lovers and history buffs.

2. Go to Cabo Wabo to Rock and Roll

Okay, so maybe you need to do something that is a bit more upbeat and lively. It just so happens that one of the best things to do in Cabo is to boogie your way down to the famous Cabo Wabo. This place is a spectacular location owned by Sammy Hagar, featuring massive bars as well as stages where famous bands come to perform (even Sammy himself sometimes). We like to call it a must-see for all of our clients. After all, there’s a popular drink named after the place, so it has to be awesome! We even provide the ATVs and UTVs for your convenience, with trained paramedics on standby at all times.

3. Hang Ten at Zippers

If you are headed out to find the best things to do in Cabo, then you won’t want to miss the surfing scene. We here at G-Force Adventures understand how much of a draw this recreational activity is for locals and tourists alike, which is why we pride ourselves on offering you the contacts to receive all the necessary gear to make your travel dreams come true.

4. Visit our Unique White Lion Exhibit

Not sure what else to do and in the mood for something exotic? Why not stop by our White Lion Reserve to see some native wildlife up close and personal? In our opinion, it is one of the best things to do in Cabo, and its popularity among our guests backs it up. Visit our appointment book to schedule your trip today!

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