What To Consider When Choosing France Wine Private Tours

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Tours

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Wine is a passion for many people and they love to not only sample fine wines but also to learn about the wine making process and actually travel to the areas of the world where their favorite wines are produced. This is certainly the case for people that decide to take their next vacation on one of the many France wine private tours.

Taking a tour through wine country in France is really an enlightening and completely enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to go and people that take these trips are often those that are just getting started into their education and love of great wines.

Taking France wine private tours is a very personal way to learn more about this very culturally rich area of the world. Of course, you should also expect to spend time at historical sights, taking in cultural events, and sampling the famous French cuisine. Don’t forget to visit the Louvre Museum and spend at least some time shopping for the latest in fashion.

Red or White?

Different regions of France are known for the specific types of wine that they produce. If you have a particular wine that you appreciate, plan to choose a tour that will spend at least some time in that area of France.

Many companies that offer these tours specifically build in free time for you to explore areas on your own. Italy Luxury Tours is one company that offers a very well balanced tour with scheduled tastings, gourmet meals, luxurious accommodation in top hotels but also time for you to spend time in the area exploring and sampling as you like.

The Real Experience

If you want to have a real cultural experience then look for France wine private tours that provide you with more than just a tour that hits the major tourist locations and venues. Instead, look for a tour company that takes you to out of the way places where you can see the culture and be fully immersed in the country, not just in the major cities such as Paris.

On these tours you will see France in a completely different light. You will see rustic farmhouses and beautiful countryside while also enjoying all the cultural and historical highlights this country has to offer.

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