Beach Suites in Salalah-Step Outside to Paradise

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Hotel

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Beach suites in Salalah are your ticket to paradise. You can relax in the lap of luxurious surroundings, take advantage of the beautiful private beach and enjoy your holiday! Of course, the ticket to paradise starts with making the right choice for your stay.

Making the Choice

Not all the beach suites in Salalah are located on the beach! As a matter of fact, some suites that are advertised as on the beach are quite a distance from the beach. The first thing on your check off list should be to choose a hotel that is on the beach proper. After all location is one of the most important factors of a beach holiday!

Other factors to consider are:

  • Style of the hotel
  • Comfort features
  • Activities
  • Staff support

Modern Comforts

One of the other key factors to the success of your holiday is the style of the hotel. Is it up to date? Nicely appointed? Does it have the modern comfort features you expect? It is important that the accommodations are comfortable to help you enjoy your holiday!

What Activities are Available

What else can you do during your stay besides visit the beach? Are there activities included? Fun things to do and see nearby? Is the suite well-suited for traveling with children? These questions should be addressed BEFORE you make your reservations. Consider also proximity to dining opportunities and whether you will have staff support during your visit.

The Choice

There is one option that can meet the needs of every traveler including those traveling with family that looks over the beautiful Indian Ocean. One choice that offers a litany of luxury accommodations and something for everyone in the family to enjoy from tennis courts to child friendly play areas and of course a beautiful private beach! Fanar Hotel and Residences is the perfect place for your holiday!

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