A Look at Italy’s Regions for Wine Tours

Italy is considered to be the most romantic county. It is also known for its wonderful wines. Italy is the largest wine producer in the world with more than 54,800 hectoliters produced in 2018.

Each wine producing region in Italy cultivates specific grapes for their wines. Wine tours of Italy are available for visitors in the regions.


The Chianti area has no real boundaries but generally lies between Florence and Siena in the Tuscany region. Tuscany is a wine lover’s paradise with wine tours that will take visitors over rolling hills, country roads, and quaint villages.


The Veneto region is one of the most important regions for Italian wines. The area is not as large as other Italian regions it produces more wine than the rest of Italy. The sparkling wine Prosecco and Soave, a white wine, are best known from this area. In addition, several full-bodied red wines are also popular.


The Piedmont region rivals Tuscany as the “top wine region.” Piedmont, located at the foot of the Alps, is home to some of Italy’s most famous wines and wineries.


The largest of the Italian wine regions is the Lombardy region located in northern Italy. This area produces two popular sparkling wines: Franciacorta and Lambrusco.


Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and is the southernmost Italian region. It has been the hub of Mediterranean wine-growing regions due to the constant sunshine and predictable rainfall.

Marche and Abruzzo are neighboring regions in the center of Italy where winemaking dates back thousands of years.
With so many regions hosting many wineries, wine tours of Italy are plentiful.

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