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The process of moving is much easier when you hire a mover in Columbia MD to help relocate your possessions. Moving is tough, physical labor and when you hire a professional to help move your valuable items like furniture, clothing and your kids toys, the move can be smoother than you expect. But, many people are often confused about certain etiquette involved when you hire a mover in Columbia, MD. Here are a few tips for you to understand how you can help your movers when moving day approaches.

Be Prepared

The biggest mistake people make is they tend to put off packing and getting things ready for the move until the very last minutes. On moving day, you need to be 100% ready to roll when you’ve hired a mover in Columbia, MD. Make sure you’ve got all your small items packed in boxes and that they are labeled clearly as to where they need to be moved. You also want to make sure all your sheets are off beds, that your furniture is broken down (if you can get this done easily) and that everything is separated clearly as to what will be moved; and what you might be getting rid of.

Be Polite

Another mistake that people tend to make when hiring movers is they get snippy and bossy when working with these hard working people. Simple common courtesy such as please and thank you can go a long way in having a mover work hard and safely for you. It’s funny how maybe preparing a fresh pot of coffee for your movers in the morning or some juice and offering it to them before they start can kick off the day on a positive note. Perhaps offering to buy a few pizza’s for the crew for lunch and having plenty of cold bottled water in a cooler are simple ways of helping these hard working people get the job done quick and safely.

Be Patient

Moving is a very tedious process and nobody likes to hear the bossy home owner barking out orders or questioning ‘when are you going to be done’? Remember, there is a reason you are not physically doing this job and the moving company is; it’s tough work. Home owners need to be patient with the move and make sure you are patient with uncontrollable circumstances such as local traffic, damaged furniture or goods damaged in the move and other issues. Making a scene about your prized stuffed goat being slightly soiled is not appropriate during the moving process. Simply take note of the damage and file appropriate paperwork AFTER the move is complete. Nothing can be accomplished by acting like a child.

Be Accessible

You need to ensure you are available to answer questions for the movers when needed. Open communication is a vital part of the entire moving process. This is why beginning the day in a positive manner and developing a stronger relationship with the movers from the beginning is critical to success.

When you are planning to hire a mover in Columbia, MD, make sure you consider these simple, courteous gestures to ensure the move process goes smooth, safe and quick.

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