White Glove Moving

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Travel

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The term “white glove service” indicates a company that goes the extra mile for its customers. When referring to a moving company, this term implies a business that takes special care to address every need of their clients. Whether moving a family across town or helping an entire corporation transport confidential files and equipment; a full service moving company boasting white glove service handles it all.

A company offering this service requires special training of its employees to ensure they meet requirements and understand the attention to detail necessary for the job. The company often provides special touches such as door-to-door services, or removal of old appliances if they have been replaced. In addition, they assist by unpacking items from boxes and removing all cleaning or packing materials out of the home after the move is complete. These companies aim to relieve the client of the stress and worry that comes with the relocation process.

During a large move, the unpacking process can be the most time-consuming portion. These companies offer unpacking and assembling services: which can get an entire office ready for work first thing on Monday or help make a family’s transition smoother for children. These movers will make arrangements, with the prior home or business occupants, to ensure that your items are expected and will be safe until you arrive.

There are many things that can be expected of these professional moving services, including the clean appearance of employees when they arrive at your home on the big day. The movers will also have gone through the highest training to provide the premier quality service and the expertise to handle even highly delicate items like antiques. Many of these companies will also assure you that if anything is broken in the process of packing or delivering, it will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

There are often additional charges for white glove moving services. Due to the special training required, these services must be arranged well in advance of your moving date. The company will want to have an in-home consultation and discussion of your needs to be certain they can provide you with the perfect experience. After this conversation and inspection, you should be given an estimate of charges, which can help you in your final decision.

Many of these companies also provide facilities where your items can be safely stored until your new home is ready. The goal of these businesses is to provide first-class professional service at competitive rates. If white glove service sounds like the right fit for your next move, be aware that there are few companies offering it – and those who do may be quite busy.

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