When to Find Cheap Flights to Perth

www.hoodaki.com 2013-4-1 11:24:25Traveling to Perth, Australia, offers many opportunities for a business or pleasure holiday. Located on the western side of Australia, visitors can partake in many activities while taking in the gorgeous scenery and relaxed environment it offers. The variety of attractions in this small town makes it worth looking for Cheap Flights To Perth for your next holiday.

Peak Season

Since Perth is one of the few cities in the world that offers 300 days of sunshine, travelers flock to this city year round, even though it is rather isolated from any other civilization. Its active atmosphere combined with a relaxed, stress-free vibe makes it popular for travelers of all ages. The busiest times of year to find flights are January, December and July, typically making that time of year the most expensive to fly. The typical time to find cheap flights to Perth is between April and August.


The average day in Perth offers eight hours of sunshine. The winter in Perth runs from June to August and is typically mild with an average temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius. The summer months can get quite warm with the average ranging anywhere from 29 to 40 degrees Celsius. If you are traveling here from a cold climate during the New Year, be prepared to be warm because the temperatures have been known to be over 37 degrees Celsius.


Everyone in Perth lives an active lifestyle that is evident in the methods of transportation they choose. It is common to see a large number of bicycles lining the streets and the many paths this city boasts. In addition to bicycles, there are also plenty of public modes of transportation, including ferries, buses and trains. There are even a few free trains and buses that can take you around the city. Driving in Perth is rather difficult, making it best to choose public transportation or a bike.

If you are travelling to Perth for a holiday, there are many things you need to know, including when is the best time to find cheap flights to Perth, what climate you should expect for your travels and how to get around the beautiful city. This capital of Australia is known for its immense beauty and plentiful outdoor activities. It is a perfect holiday for families, couples or even as a business trip.

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