What are the different activities that form a part of sports tourism?

by | May 27, 2011 | Travel

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Do you love sports and adventurous activities? If yes, then a holiday encompassing of all the sports activities will certainly rejuvenate your spirits. Several holiday destinations exclusively deal in this particular tourism segment. Sports tourism is the current trend these days and is already a hit among sports enthusiasts who love exploring their sporty and adventurous side. Such holiday destinations allow the tourists to participate in exciting sports activities like river rafting, snowboarding and rock climbing.

Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism

Given are some of the popular sports activities and the names of the countries that offer tourists a chance of experiencing them.


Snowboarding is certainly the most exhilarating sports activity that is similar to skiing. In this particular sporting activity, the person can ski down mountainous slopes which are covered with snow. If you are adventurous then you should certainly try snowboarding. Snowboarding activities are available in countries like the USA and Canada. Ski resorts in these countries organize sporting events in the winter season. You can lodge in such ski resorts and also enjoy a quiet time at night.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is yet another sporting event that is popular among the tourists. In this particular sport, the surfboard is pulled along with a small surfboard. Many places offer kite surfing these days. It has become an important part of sports tourism.

Rock Climbing

This daring sport is one of the most popular activities among tourists. However, it is recommended that you get proper training before you actually begin with rock climbing. Some of the well-known tourist places which offer rock climbing include UK, Nepal, India and China.

Mega Sports Events

Besides the above mentioned sports activities, many countries lure the visitors with popular sports events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Formula One Races. Such sporting events bring in a lot of tourists which proves to be major boost to the country’s economy.

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