Tips To Make Your Cuba Cruise Even More Enjoyable

by | May 25, 2016 | Travel

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Cuba is unique, it is like no place else which is easily accessible from the United States. Just imagine going to a huge city and not finding a McDonalds or even a Coke; but on the other hand imagine walking streets that are full of Ford’s and Chevy’s that are more than half a century old and still running like tops.

Cuba is stuck in a time warp and has been from the days of the Cuban Revolution until just recently when the US formally reestablished log lost diplomatic relations, thus making it easy to visit this island nation just off the coast of Florida.

Best time for Cuba Cruises:

The cruise season is from December to March, you will find typical Caribbean weather, temperature in the mid to high 80s and mid-afternoon showers, none of which will bother you as you will be aboard your fully air-conditioned cruise ship. There is a lot to be learned about Cuba; at Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality. We Can Help You Plan Your Ideal Trip!

Typical Cuba cruises itineraries:

You will not get a feel of Cuba if you go no further than Havana which is really little more than a big city, however, it is a big city full of small town charm. The heart of old Havana fans out from Revolution Square where you will be walking on cobbled streets and surrounded by old cars and crumbling homes. Although this is an interesting part of Havana it is far from all that Havana has to offer; why not head to a rum distillery or a cigar manufacturer or take in some of Havana’s wonderful open areas and parks.

Complete round the island cruises are very popular; these cruises call at Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Maria la Gorda and Cienfuegos; all of which are different and exciting. Cuba may be a small island but it is full of surprises.

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