Three Things to Consider When Hiring an Airport Shuttle Service

If you’ve looked into the possibility of hiring a helicopter shuttle service during your next vacation you’re on your way to saving yourself some time, money, and stress. There are some important things to consider before you hire an airport shuttle service, though; three things in particular.

Safety – You will want to take some time to research the company you are looking to work with. Make sure they have up to date equipment and services on their helicopters. Also, make sure their pilots are FAA certified and have had extensive training in addition to experience. As with any industry, there is a constant flow of change. These changes are being made so that equipment is more efficient, safe, and comfortable. When these changes are made, it is important that the people working with equipment (in this case the pilots) are trained in how to work with the improvements. It’s very similar to the changes we’ve seen over the decades in the car manufacturing world. Someone may have been a whiz at working on a Ford Model T, but that doesn’t mean they know how to work on a modern car with a complicated computer system. If you hired someone who didn’t know what they were doing they could not only end up doing more harm than good, they could jeopardize the safety of the vehicle. The same is true of pilots. There are constant changes and improvements to the equipment as well as updates in safety regulations. It’s imperative that the company you’re thinking of working with prides themselves on keeping their helicopters and their pilots up to date.

Reputation – When looking to hire an airport shuttle service, you will also want to look at the kind of reputation a company has. Again, do they keep up to date with industry safety regulations? Do they treat their customers fairly and with respect? Do they offer fair and comparable prices? You can read reviews on most companies out there when you do research on the internet.

Customer Service – The interaction you have with a company’s customer support staff is often indicative of the service you will receive from the rest of the company. A company that cares about its reputation and desires to give exceptional service to their clients will care about the quality of their customer service staff as well. So make sure to pay close attention when interacting with these employees over the phone or online via instant chat. This interaction can reveal a lot.

When it comes time for your next vacation or business trip, be sure to thoroughly check out all your options. In doing so, you will experience a stress free trip!

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