The Cheapest Flights to Manila Is Just the Start of Your Trip

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Travel

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If you are looking for an exciting place to visit that isn’t an extremely popular tourist destination, you may want to consider Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Because this destination is not widely popular yet, you can find some of the cheapest flights to Manila, allowing you to save plenty of money on your family holiday. Before you choose Manila based solely on the cost of the flights, though, it can be useful to know what to expect on your trip.

Getting to Manila

Once you have booked your cheap flight to Manila, you don’t need to worry much about transportation until your plane touches down. Once you arrive at the airport outside Manila, you most likely will be heading downtown to your accommodations. When you exit the airport, you will find many taxis waiting to take you to downtown Manila. The entire trip downtown will take at least 30 minutes, more if the traffic is heavier.

Transportation in Manila

The cheapest flights to Manila aren’t the end of your money savings when it comes to transportation within Manila. Your trip from the airport to your hotel will be your most expensive transportation of the trip. Traveling via the elevated public transport train in Manila is a popular way to get around. However, if you prefer something a little more private, you can enjoy a ride in taxis throughout the city for a low fare.

Sightseeing in Manila

One of the biggest draws to Manila is everything there is to see and do. The area is rich in history, providing you with many options for entertainment and education for you and all the members of your family. There are museums, parks, music venues, beaches, restaurants, shopping and more, allowing everyone to find something they will enjoy while you are on holiday. Because of the variety of experiences available, it is important to have cash on hand to pay for each of them.

If you are considering a trip to Manila to enjoy all they have to offer, it is important to prepare yourself for the experience. Finding the cheapest flights to Manila is only the start. Once you have your plane tickets, you need to determine how much other money you will need for the other aspects of your trip, including the transportation throughout the city and all the sights you would like to see while you are there.

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