Lake Cumberland Rentals: A Gateway To History

When it comes down to it, there are two words that are inextricably linked in this part of Kentucky: Lake Cumberland and summer. This referred to by many residences and visitors as one of our most prized landmarks cannot escape its tie to the season. In Summer Lake Cumberland rentals of boats, houseboats and accommodations soar as does the number of visitors. This long, narrow, man-made lake attracts around 1.7 million visitors annually.

Why Are Lake Cumberland Rentals so Popular?

Those who come to the area do so for many reasons, although, admittedly, most come to join in the trend that has made the lake the ”Houseboating Capital of the World“. They rent a boat at places such as Business Name and then head off to enjoy the pleasures that await them on the lake. Yet, there is more Lake Cumberland than the lake itself. Lake Cumberland rentals include cottages along the beach and visits to the area where history has been made. Even the Lake itself is a piece of history – engineering history.

The Story of Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland is not a natural lake. Its 1,255 miles of shoreline was constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The intent was deliberate – to create a dam. Although planning for what was then called Wolf Creek Reservoir began in the 1920s, it was not completed until 1952. The name change to Lake Cumberland did not happen until 1954.

During the process, a number of towns saw changes in their landscape. Some 600 residents of Burnside had to abandon their homes and relocate. The construction of the lake over the years also affected their economy. Since its construction, tourism has grown. Until then, only small towns such as Russell Springs could have considered themselves tourist destinations. Russell Springs was famous in the 1850s for its spa waters. It was a noted health spa in Kentucky where people came to “take the waters.”

Lake Cumberland Today

Places such as Russell springs, Burnside, Somerset and Jamestown are noted for their ability to host tourists on or near Lake Cumberland. Rentals of all types as well as the local attractions keep them returning. These include:

* Lake Cumberland State Resort Park – Jamestown
* Rockhouse Bottom – natural stone arch at the base of the dam
* Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery
* General Burnside Island State Park
* Mill Springs Mill Park and Brown-Lanier House
* SomerSplash – Somerset

These are but a few of the things you can do to enjoy yourself. They are all part of the possibilities when you go to Lake Cumberland. The rentals of houseboats are the start of what can quickly become part of an exploration of the region’s local history and attractions.

If you are wondering about where to find the best in Lake Cumberland Rentals, start with Business Name. They offer you the chance to explore your options. From renting houseboats to providing great lodging, they have it all.

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