Interested In Quail Hunting Try Arkansas

If you’ve been thinking about going quail hunting, there are many important lessons to be learned. Unfortunately, the quail population has dropped in the past few years. If you’re going to find quail, the best bet is to try a quail hunting ranch. Quail Hunting Arkansas offers many guided, hunting trips. The quail habitat is land that’s partially wooded and partially open land. Quail feed on seeds from native plants. Bobwhite quail are popular with hunters, and they’re the only quail native to the southeast. There are several other types in the west and southwest including scaled quail, valley quail and mountain quail. Quail hunters must have great dogs. Quail are hunted with flushing breeds like spaniels and retrievers. Dogs make the hunters aware when they find a group of quail. Later, the dogs rush the quail, causing them to fly into the air. Hunters use dogs because quail are so naturally camouflaged, you could walk past a bird without seeing it.

Shotguns are used in quail hunting, so hunters should be experienced with gun safety. Most quail hunters use a 20 gauge shotgun and a 7 1/2 inch shell. Hunters should dress in layers to adjust to changing temperatures. Colorful vests should also be worn for safety reasons. Quail Hunting Arkansas suggests pants that are thorn resistant, since quail like to hide in the brush. Quail hunts usually involve two people and two dogs in the field at a time. The dogs compete to find the quail first. Hunters should have a mental picture of where their partner is, and where the dogs are before shooting. Hunters should never shoot at quail flying on his partner’s side. This is dangerous, and is considered bad manners. Quail hunters should never shoot close to the ground. They could accidentally shoot one of the dogs. Quail hunting is a popular sport. If you’re interested, maybe you could try it with a friend. There are several large quail hunting ranches across the U.S. In the southeast, the ranches are often called quail plantations. Quail hunting is not just for sport, either. Many people enjoy quail as a culinary delicacy.

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