How to Market Corporate Event Venues

Corporate event planners are always on the lookout for unique locations for their next project, to keep their events fresh and interesting. When marketing your venue to a corporate event planner, think creatively and anticipate any questions the event planner may have regarding the location of the venue and the facilities and amenities it might have. In New Jersey, corporate event venues include outdoors areas for company picnics. An outdoor venue offers corporate event planners in New Jersey the unique opportunity to combine team-building activities with the food, drink, and entertainment programming.

Corporate event venues like those at Big Bear Lake also offer the chance to appeal to any size company. You can start by advertising and get listed in local directories, as well as using your networking skills. The facilities at Big Bear Lake are inviting for corporate event planners interested in holding company parties open to family members because of the opportunity to access family-friendly entertainment areas like water parks, pools, climbing walls, bounce castles, and laser tag. Employees can engage in fun sports and recreational activities or lounge in tiki-style huts on beach areas. Social media can also help market your venue to corporate event planners.

Given that diversity is the key to corporate event planners, it is helpful to market the venue in ways that showcase the variety of activities, amenities, and services available. For example, you could talk about the different options for dining, drinking, and catering. Or, you could mention that the corporate event venue can be used for formal presentations and celebrations of special moments in the company’s history.

Corporate event venues also need to be within budget and convenient to plan on relatively short notice. When you use professional corporate event services, you have access to pre-planned menus, as well as pre-designed events flyers that save your corporate event planner time and money. New Jersey options for corporate events include both formal and informal options, indoors and out, for a wide range of company sizes, themes, and budgets.

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