Finding Excellent Bus and Taxi Services in the Minneapolis Area

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Car Rentals

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Would you prefer a bus or taxi service in Minneapolis to get you to and from the airport? Here are your options. You can use the City’s own bus service, for Route 54, which is part of Metro Transit. Buses will drop and pick you up at terminal 1 and then, you will have to get the tram to reach the Transit Centre.

Unfortunately, there is no pick up from the bus service available at terminal 2. From here, you will have to get a cab or use the light rail. These will take you to the area where you can catch the bus. If you use light rail between the airports’ terminals there will be no charge.

Shuttles are very popular for taking passengers to and from the airport. The shuttle service is also extremely quick and efficient. You can relax knowing you will start and finish your journey in the van or shuttle. They are also very affordable and convenient. Some provide discounts for senior citizens which work all year round. They have non-smoking policies and will fit in with your flight times and schedules.

These are hassle free if you do not wish to drive to a pick up site. You will have to pay a little extra, but you can be picked up right outside of your home, office or hotel. The same will be done on your arrival; back either to your car or home.

If you are picking up colleagues from the airport, you can send luxurious private cars or limousines to pick them up. Whatever your needs are you can find a service that suits you well.

Cab companies are in abundance around the Minneapolis area. They are clean, friendly, carry your baggage and take you anywhere you want to go.  If the airport is a long distance away that you need to start your journey from then you will not be disappointed. There are some excellent services out there.

No matter which taxi company you choose in Minneapolis, you will get great service. Many deal with airports alone, where others will drive you anywhere you need to go. Many of the drivers hired by these firms have years of driving experience and most of them are usually residents of this beautiful city. So, they can pick and drop you easily at your destination without wasting any time. Therefore delaying your journey and possibly causing you to miss your flight is simply out of the question. You have the choice to travel in smoking or non-smoking taxis but most of the times you will find smoke free cab services. You will have no problem paying for the services as most of them accept credit cards along with payment in cash.

Taxi in Minneapolis – Taxi Services Inc. is a trustworthy name in providing quality transportation services. If you are struggling to find transport to the Minneapolis airport in time for your flight try out the taxi service that guarantees a safe, reliable and on time service.

Taxi Services in Minneapolis

Taxi Services in Minneapolis

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