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www.hoodaki.com 2013-4-1 11:24:25Johannesburg is known as one of the cities in South Africa anyone who loves to travel must visit. If this beautiful city is on your list of cities to see, you should be able to find a cheap flight to Johannesburg because there are many flights there on a daily basis. Before you plan your trip, it is important to determine what sights you must see while you are there.


Johannesburg is home to many museums that are ranked as must-see attractions while visiting. The four museums that obtain the most attention are the Apartheid Museum, the Hector Pieterson Museum, Museum Africa and the Nelson Mandela National Museum. In each of these rich museums, you are taken back to the history and culture that makes South Africa what it is today. Whether you are a history buff or not, the exhibits are definitely something to see during your trip.

Theatres and Art Galleries

For those who want to take part in the beautiful culture of Johannesburg, the Market Theatre offers three separate theatres and two art galleries where you can experience the independent works of this company. The rich history behind this establishment includes the controversial productions it put on during the 1970s when segregation was apparent. The Johannesburg Art Gallery displays the most exquisite art by world-renowned artists, including Picasso and Rodin.

Observation Deck

For a breathtaking view of everything Johannesburg has to offer, the Carlton Centre Observation Deck offers an incredible view from the 50th floor of the amazing skyscraper. This large building was the tallest in the southern hemisphere for many years. Even though it is no longer the tallest, it still offers views that cannot be found anywhere else of the city.

When you are planning a trip to Johannesburg, there are many things to consider. Because it is a wealthy city, you will have to make specific plans to ensure your vacation falls within your budget. The first place you can start saving is by searching for a Cheap Flight To Johannesburg. Once you know you are able to secure a flight within your budget, you can begin to plan your excursions and how elaborate they will be. Visiting Johannesburg is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly; take the time to make the most out of this amazing trip.

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