Enjoy Nairobi with Your Next Event

Nairobi is a splendid city nestled deep within the heart of Kenya, which is located on the Eastern Coast of Africa. There is much to attract any visitor, whether the purpose of their stay is for business or pleasure. Nairobi is unique in that it is one of the few places that incorporates both the bustle of the city with the indigenous creatures of the land. Visitors should consider some of the event venues in Nairobi and also include some of the local sites as part of their event.

Any venue should be able to provide a glance at the wonder that is Nairobi itself. Unlike most African climes, Nairobi experiences a steady climate that rarely reaches over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, unlike many African cities, Nairobi can actually get quite cold with temperatures sometimes dropping to 50 degrees. It is also surrounded by the two highest mountains in the entire continent, Mount Kenya to the north and Mount Kilimanjaro to the south, which has the distinction of being the 4th highest mountain peak in the world. Both of these peaks can be seen on a clear day.

Event venues in Nairobi take advantage of the vast center of multiculturalism with native Kenyans, as well as immigrants from Middle Eastern countries. Travelers can revel in the charm of the city, which boasts several museums and monuments dedicated to the many cultures that settled in the country, including the British occupation. The city also has a cultural center devoted to the various Kenyan tribes and their traditions.

Tourists can also enjoy the native music scene, which thrives in the heart of Nairobi. Here, people can listen to traditional Kenyan music fused with jazz and interspersed with hip-hop. The savvy traveler can explore the local cuisine, which offers everything from European fair to exotic game meat.

Visitors to Nairobi have many options for getting around the city. One of the most popular modes of transportation within the city is the matatu, a minibus that seats anywhere from 14 to 24 passengers. Other options in include smart-buses, which operate with a transit card. The city also has several bus lines. One of the safer, yet more expensive ways to travel within Nairobi is the taxi.

Regardless of what type of entertainment you seek in the city, event venues in Nairobi are vast and plentiful, with a range of options to choose from, whether it involves communing with nature or enjoying fine cuisine from the natural landscape. Visitors should take advantage of all the space that offer event accommodations. Contact AFTER 40 HOTEL.

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