Differences In Motorized Yacht And Sailboat Charters In St. John

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Travel

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When traveling by water in and around the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) guest to this remarkable have several options to consider. One is to take the ferries that run between the islands, leaving from St. John and other major islands and docking at the main city on each of the other USVI and BVI destinations.

This is a simple and very low-cost way to travel between the islands, but it is also very restrictive. The ferries operate on a set schedule, and they simply take the most direct route between locations, often missing the most beautiful scenery the islands have to offer.

The other options are to rent a motorized yacht or to take one of the many sailboat charters. Both of these options provide a lot more freedom, but there are still differences between the two that need to be considered.

The Experience
Most people that are interested in sailboat charters want the feel of being out on the water powered only by the wind. While in this area of the world there is generally a good breeze, this is not always the case.

Many times people going on sailboat charters actually end up relying on the engine power to get where they want to go. With wind power, the speed of travel between destinations is much more variable while with a motorized yacht wind and speed is never a concern.

Additionally, being on a yacht as opposed to a sailboat is a more relaxing experience for guests, particularly those that are new to being out and on the water. With the full sailboat experience there is always something for the captain and crew to do, limiting their time to interact with the guests.

With the power yacht, the captain and crew can provide information, interact and spend time with the guests, or simply leave you to enjoy the scenery. While they will still maintain and operate the yacht during the cruise, it is a much less demanding role that gives a more relaxed feel to the entire trip.

While choosing a sailboat or a power yacht charter from St. John is a personal decision, there are differences to consider. Most of the charter yachts are larger than sailboats, allowing for more space and more guests, which is a consideration on longer charters or if you have more than just a small group you wish to bring along on the charter.

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