Common Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Hotel

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Travel

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Have you ever made a mistake when booking a hotel? Chances are, if you travel often, the answer is yes. Whether it is booking a non-refundable rate and having to cancel or realizing after the fact that you were eligible for more points, perks or benefits – avoiding these mistakes is paramount to having a successful booking experience.

Some tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes when booking Greensboro Hotels are highlighted here.

Check the Cancellation and Deposit Policy Prior to Booking

It can be quite easy to skip over the fine print and not even realize that you have made a non-refundable booking, or that you have been charged a deposit when you book until you look at the credit card statement. In order to avoid this you need to read all of the small print to know what you owe.

Check the Room Size Matches Your Party Size

Be sure to check the number of people who can fit in a certain room when you make your initial reservations. If you are unsure if your entire party will fit into a certain room, then be sure to call ahead to the location. If anything is unclear, get clarification prior to finalizing the booking since you don’t want to book a space that will not accommodate everyone.

Find Out if there are any Additional Fees

There are a number of hotels, especially the more luxurious ones that charge a mandatory resort fee, which include internet access, access to fitness areas, local calls, etc. Some other mandatory fees may include fees for extra beds, pet fees and even one-off charges if it is a special time of year. While this information should be disclosed while you are booking the room, if it is not, then you may want to double check to ensure you don’t encounter any unexpected surprises.

When you take the time to learn about some of the most common mistakes when booking a hotel, you will be able to avoid them. This will help ensure your entire stay in Greensboro is positive and you book a hotel room that meets all of you and your party’s needs. Doing this will ensure that you get everything you want and need from the space and that you don’t encounter any unexpected charges for features or amenities that you never even wanted to begin with.

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