Can You Get Used Travel Trailers In Seattle, WA?

by | Apr 17, 2014 | Travel

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I guess that, if you know where to look; you can get just about anything you might want in a city like Seattle; but, what exactly is a travel trailer (brand new or already used)? An element of jargon and word usage enters here; at heart; a trailer is an unpowered, wheeled container than can be moved by pulling it along (trailing it behind you); in the US, the term “trailer” is most commonly applied to what other parts of the world refer to as a caravan. The trailers found in trailer parks are usually permanent, static installations which, while capable of being towed away; are not intended to be moved. Therefore, a travel trailer will be equipped to be a mobile dwelling (or at least sleeping place) that is ready to be legally towed anywhere at any time. In this day and age, travel trailers will be drawn by some sort of motorized vehicle (unlike the old horse drawn trailers typical of European gypsies).

Sounds Like An RV Without An Engine

This is where your search for used travel trailers in Seattle gets tricky; for they are indeed a recreational vehicle. An RV can be either a motorized vehicle or a trailer; just so long as it fitted out with living and sleeping amenities similar to those found in one’s home (to the extent that some people choose to live permanently in their RV’s). If you are really looking for a self propelled, motorized home; you should have no trouble finding new or pre-used models on sale in Seattle; everything from modest size RV’s that offer basic sleeping and cooking facilities for two people; up to monster sized RV’s based on motor coaches that come equipped with all conceivable luxuries for your comfort while travelling. However, both new and used travel trailers in Seattle may be harder to find.

Maybe We Like To Drive; Not Trail?

Although travel trailers have been on US roads since the early 1920’s; the fact that owners were sometimes referred to as “tin can tourists” says something about the public’s attitude to trailers. Some larger trailers are still being made; such as the “Airstream” brand from Thor Industries; but the majority, these days, seem to be very small and basic (e.g. ”Teardrop”) trailers offering overnight sleeping for two persons.

There are not many used travel trailers for Seattle on the market; but Beaver Coach Sales & Service from Oregon might have some. Their main business is motorized RV’s and they do cover the Seattle area; you can check them out at website.

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